Two Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream Review

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on October 16, 2006

Two Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream Review

Top container with tara gum; bottom container without tara gum

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Ted Bailey February 18, 2010 at 10:02 pm

I have to agree Breyers blew it! They lost me as a loyal customer.
Why they would add tara gum or any other gum and ruin a perfect
product. I am looking for a new ice cream, with out the additives.

Bad Humor November 8, 2010 at 2:21 pm

For those that defend “all natural”…it has nothing to do with “natural”. Mud is natural, cow dung is natural, tara gum is natural, carageenan is natural. Doesnt mean you add it to ice cream, idiots. Natural is no magic “pass” for an ingredient improving ice cream.

Straight up: stabilizers turn an otherwise good ice cream product into a gummy, stretchy, yellowing, rubbery mess…with the bogus claim on the label that it “adds creaminess”. We are not fooled.
I know the difference between creaminess, and stretchy, stringy rubbery mush that doesnt fracture cleanly.
Breyers BUILT a worldwide reputation on NO stabilizers- in the days when transportation and refrigeration were a SHADOW of todays modern technology. Haagen Dazs is a world famous product, mostly having NO “natural” stabilizers, thank you very much.
Turkey Hill all natural Philadelphia Style has NO “natural” gum stabilizers – and has triumphantly brought back the clean homemade quality that the suits & actuatries at Unilever KILLED in Breyers (and now, Ben & Jerrys).
So dont tell me manufacturers “need stabilizers” to prevent phase changing & texture “complaints” to market a product today. BS.
Tell it to the QUALITY-conscious vendors that are DOING a REAL ice cream formula.

Mark July 3, 2012 at 9:27 pm

Ugh! I just had a bowl. I had to ask my daughter to show me the box because I thought she bought the wrong kind. She did the best she could. The real deal is gone. Ugh! I’m in mourning. I will never enjoy Breyers all natural vanilla ice cream again?!? Seriously?!?
Lord Jesus come soon. Bring on the apocalypse, we’re ready.

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