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Zoku Quick Pop Maker and Popsicle Recipes

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on September 26, 2011

Who doesn’t like popsicles? With the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, you can make fun, flavorful popsicles whenever you want to. These ice pops are very versatile – you can create any combination of flavors right for your needs. This device is known for several things, including its ease of use. However, what makes it unique is that you can get hard, frozen ice pops within just seven minutes.


Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Zoku Key Features

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker produces ice pops in just seven minutes, but not in your freezer. Rather, you will make these right on your countertop and without the use of electricity. You can make a variety of flavors and types, too, including the following:

· Make striped pops, where different flavors are layered.

· Make yogurt pops that taste like professionally made versions.

· Make a flavored core pops, where the center has a different flavor than the outside.

In fact, this type of technology has not been readily available to consumers in the past. The manufacturer claims that this device’s ability to make flavored core pops is the first time the at home user can make this type of popsicle using the devices available on the market. It only costs $49 at amazon with free shipping.

How Zoku Works

The Zuko Quick Pop Maker works by freezing quickly. You will need to store the compact base in the freezer when you are not using it. This cools down the device and makes it easy for you to have very cold ice pops within minutes. The kit comes with six reusable plastic pop sticks. The unique design of these is what helps to ensure the ice pop remains in place when you serve them. They also have drip guards on them to ensure that eating these is easy to do. The container is reusable, easy to clean and designed to be long lasting.

The Super Tool is the base system. You can use it to make up to nine pops before you have to refreeze the unit again. It will need to freeze for some time to get to the right level to make more popsicles.

Recipes to Consider

For those who wish to get Zoku Quick Pop Maker recipes, do follow the company’s blog. You can find a number of recipes there. However, to create unique layers and interesting patterns, you will need to use the products that come in the Tool Kit. This includes fun cutters and tools for making layers. When you use the devices in the kit, you can make stars and hearts on the popsicles. You can create various layers and even diagonal designs. The recipes to create these can be challenging, but the company provides them to you in the manual and on its blog. You will need to follow the specific steps and measurements/tool usage to create the right images.

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker and recipes are well worth using. With few products on the market to compete with, it is one of the best investments to make for the popsicle loving family.


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