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Dove Mini Bars–A disappointing update

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on September 29, 2011

One of my favorite ice cream treats has always been Dove Miniature Ice Cream bars.   They have just enough ice cream to them to be a delicious treat (at only 70 calories). And the chocolate coating is perfect.

It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased a box – but I had a craving for some and went to the store this week to buy a box of regular vanilla with dark chocolate shell. But a part of me wanted the chocolate ice cream filling – I was on the fence about which type to buy.

So, imagine my delight when I found that my only option was to buy a combined flavor box with both chocolate and vanilla ice cream inside!  I was extremely excited and getting ready to post an update about how easy Dove made my decision.

Fast forward 10 minutes to arriving home and opening the box – I was craving a vanilla centered bar. I open the box and there is no way to tell which flavor is which.

That’s right – the packaging for both the chocolate and vanilla bars is EXACTLY THE SAME!  Perhaps there was some study the showed that people would eat more bars at a time (because presumably they would just keep opening and eating until they got the kind they wanted.) Or perhaps Dove was too cheap to buy different wrappers for the different kind of bars.

Either way, Dove, you’ve let me down.  When I reach into a box of ice cream treats I want to know which kind I’m getting.  What if I had had guests over and they requested a certain kind – should I just open and bite into each one? Obviously not.

I guess I will return to Magnum bars for the most delicious ice cream bars available.  If only they came in miniature…