Scoop 72: Oreo Crunch at Sundae School in East Orleans, MA (Cape Cod)

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on August 6, 2006

I recently purchased a book called “East Coast Scoops.”   It lists all of the “best” ice cream shops on the East Coast and one of the places listed is Sundae School.  Because of the book’s outstanding recommendation I made a point to find this shop.  And it was well worth the visit.

I chose Oreo Crunch, in part because I was in the mood for Oreo and in part because I think Oreo ice cream is a good way to judge a shop.  It’s difficult to make good Oreo ice cream and I can only think of one place/brand that carries Oreo or cookies and cream ice cream that’s worth eating.  That place is called Sebastian Joe’s and it’s in Minneapolis (when I go to MN in a few weeks I will officially review the ice cream for this site).

Let me say that Sundae School’s Oreo Crunch rivals Sebastian Joe’s.  It is amazing.  It is extremely Oreo flavored, with lots of chunks of Oreo swirled throughout.  Also, the ice cream base isn’t plain vanilla (like many cookies and cream ice creams) but it is Oreo flavored.  It is smooth and rich and the cone was excellent.  If you are ever on Cape Cod be sure to go to Sundae School.

  • Flavor: 5
  • Flavor Intensity: 4
  • Texture: 5
  • Originality: 3.5
  • Cone: 4.5
  • Overall: 5
  • Cost: 2.70

Oreo Crunch at Sundae School

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