Scoop 70: White Russian at Lewis Brothers in Provincetown, MA (Cape Cod)

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on August 4, 2006

Last night when I was looking for ice cream I passed up Lewis Brothers because we were trying to meet up with some people and the Lewis Brothers’ line was way too long.  Tonight the line was just as long, but I had time to wait.  I ordered White Russian.  It has a strong Kahlua flavor and is incredibly smooth.  The cone is one of the best I’ve tasted since starting this reviewing process.  I just can’t get over the number of quality ice cream shops on Cape Cod.  At this rate all of the shops are going to get outstanding ratings.

  • Flavor: 5
  • Flavor Intensity: 4.5
  • Texture: 5
  • Originality: 4
  • Cone: 5
  • Overall: 5
  • Cost: 3.25

White Russian at Lewis Brothers

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