Scoop 55: Mocha Fudge Brownie at Sweet Licks

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on July 20, 2006

The dreadful heat and humidity of DC in the summer brings lines to whichever ice cream shop you go to. Tonight I went to Sweet Licks and even had to wait in a long line there. I’ve never had to wait behind more than two people! One woman in front of me ordered a cone that looked particularly good: mocha fudge brownie. I also ordered one and was quite pleased. It had a subtle hint of mocha, not overpowering at all and the brownies were amazing. They were fudgey in the severely-undercooked-brownie sort of way. Unfortunately, like my previous experiences at Sweet Licks, the cone was stale. If you ask me, ending your ice cream with bites of stale cone is not the best way to keep your store’s lines long.

  • Flavor: 4.5
  • Flavor Intensity: 3
  • Texture: 5
  • Originality: 3.5
  • Cone: 1.5
  • Overall: 4
  • Cost: $3.12

Mocha Fudge Brownie

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