Scoop 54: American Pie at Ben and Jerry’s Shop

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on July 19, 2006

Wow. That’s what I have to say about Ben and Jerry’s new American Pie Ice Cream. I was very skeptical about trying this. Apple pie flavored ice cream? Not your typical flavor. It’s not even something that sounds good. But I thought I’d give it a try since I read about their American Pie Program. I did the online “allocation pie” and couldn’t even believe how different my pie looked than the federal government’s. But no need to go there.

I went to the Ben and Jerry’s store south of Dupont Circle last night where it was extremely crowded. While I was there I learned something new and interesting: they don’t seem to have all of the prices listed on the board. On the wall behind the counter it is listed that a regular cone costs $4.25 and a large costs $5.25. It also says that an extra scoop costs $1.50. Anyhow, I noticed that everyone seemed to get two scoops on their regular cone. When I ordered mine I unintentionally said, “I’ll have a scoop of American Pie on a cone.” Well, the woman only gave me one scoop, not two like everyone else. I didn’t want to raise a ruckus about this, since I did only say a scoop. But, it turned out that they charged me a price that isn’t listed on the board! My cone only cost $3.58 (which is $3.25 plus the outrageous 10% DC tax). Now, it seems like a little false advertising to me since they don’t list a small on their price board. Or I guess it could be called good marketing. Either way, not one of the approximately 11 people in line ahead of me got only 1 scoop. Amazing.

Back to the ice cream. It tasted just like apple pie. There were small bits of apples and crust throughout the smooth creamy ice cream. It was fruity and creamy and not at all sour (a lot of apple flavored things are sour). I’m going to say it again because I am still in such shock: Ben and Jerry’s American Pie ice cream tastes just like the real thing. I may have to try to make something like this at home. Maybe pureeing some homemade apple sauce with cream? I’m not a food scientist, but I might be able to make it. The trick is being able to come up with these ideas…

  • Flavor: 5
  • Flavor Intensity: 4.5
  • Texture: 4.5
  • Originality: 5
  • Cone: 4
  • Overall: 4.5
  • Cost: $3.58

Ben and Jerry's American Pie

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