Scoop 29: Breyers Cookies and Cream

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on June 24, 2006

Very Mediocre. That’s the way I’d describe Breyers Cookies and Cream. The cookies don’t have a very strong, or tasty, cookie flavor. I mean what we are really going for when we say “cookies” is Oreo cookies, right? All cookies and cream ice cream uses cookies that try to taste like Oreos. But they never seem to measure up. That is especially the case with the cookies in Breyers Cookies and Cream. They are almost flavorless and very mushy. But there are a lot of them in there, and the ice cream itself is pretty good. My only complaint about the ice cream itself (as opposed to the stuff in the ice cream) comes from a general feeling about Breyers ice cream: it’s kind of watery. I’m not sure what it is, but Breyers has always tasted a little less than creamy. It’s more like drinking skim milk when you’re used to 2% or maybe even whole. When it comes to ice cream, I usually prefer the 2%.

  • Flavor: 3
  • Flavor Intensity: 2.5
  • Texture: 3.5
  • Originality: 2
  • Overall: 3
  • Cost: $1.79 on sale at Safeway

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Florence April 21, 2007 at 11:02 pm

This is probably one of the most disappointing Breyer’s ice cream flavours. The cookie bits are chewy in a plasticky kind of way, and taste nothing like chocolate cookies. In fact, there are times when I couldn’t tell whether it was a chunk of cookie, a dried-up/overfrozen bit of ice cream, gum, or what. You’re right in that there’s lots of cookies, but my complaint is that they overwhelm the ice cream to the extent that it’s hard to evaluate the texture of the ice cream itself. Meh. If I didn’t see the carton I would have guessed it’s a cheap generic brand.

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