Scoop 27: Coconut Ice Cream at Osteria del Galileo

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on June 22, 2006

My brother is in town visiting and so we all went out for a nice dinner at one of my favorite Italian Restaurants in DC- Galileo.  We ate in the “Osteria,” which is cheaper and in the bar area.  After some great sea bass, I ordered the only ice cream listed on the menu: Caramelized Banana.  I’m not a big fan of banana flavored things, but I thought I’d give it a try.  The ice cream (and it was called ice cream, not gelato) came out in a large cone shaped dish that looked like a waffle cone.  I honestly thought it was a waffle cone for a minute, but it was just colored glass.  The ice cream was also presented with a spoon shaped cookie/pastry in it.  I used the “spoon” to taste a little of the ice cream and I said, “Oh, the spoon is made of coconut.”  Then I tried the ice cream with normal silverware and realized that it was the ice cream itself that was coconut, not banana flavored as it said on the menu.  The coconut ice cream was exactly what I’d expect from nice restaurant.  It had really good and intense coconuty flavor, with small bits of coconut in every bite.  But, the texture was just a little icy.  I’m not complaining, because the flavor was excellent; but restaurants never seem to produce really smooth ice cream.  Interestingly enough, we also ordered profiteroles, which our Italian waiter described in broken English as being puff pastries with cream inside.  When he served them he jokingly told us that he hoped we didn’t like them so he could eat the leftovers.  Well, he didn’t get any leftovers.  The profiteroles turned out to be two puff pastries with ice cream sandwiched in between them—kind of like mini ice cream sandwiches.  Only better.  They too were made with the coconut ice cream and were even better than the ice cream by itself.  We never quite figured out why the Profiteroles were made with ice cream and not cream (like a cream puff), but I think they were better that way.

  • Flavor: 5
  • Flavor Intensity: 5
  • Texture: 4
  • Originality: 3
  • Overall: 4.5
  • Cost: $5.00

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