News: Send a Popsicle Stick and Nestle Donates 25 cents to City of Hope Cancer Center

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on July 10, 2006

A recent email I got from the Nestlé email list:

Hello Ice Cream Lovers!

Nestlé is inviting you to help raise money to fight cancer in a way that really sticks out.

The Sticks of Hope program invites anyone who loves ice cream – be it on a stick, in a bowl or straight out of the carton – to join in the fight against cancer.

How? By sending a message of encouragement (via a virtual frozen pop stick) to kids at City of Hope Cancer Center.

For each message that is sent, Nestlé will donate 25 cents to City of Hope. The money will be used for pediatric cancer research, treatment and education.

It’s a great way for kids and adults to get involved in the search for a cure. You can send your favorite joke, an inspirational quote or a short message of support. In less time than it takes to finish a frozen fudge pop, you can join the cause.

Go to and see how a small message can make a big difference.

So just go to the website and send a stick. If you have no one to send it to just send it to me at Elizabeth @ and I’ll be happy that another 25 cents was donated to the cause.

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