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Supermarket: Whole Foods

Scoop 81: Edy’s Grand Chocolate Ice Cream Review

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on August 15, 2006

The ice cream section at Whole Foods was unusually well-stocked today. Every other time I’ve been there the ice cream section is chaotic with brands and flavors either out-of-stock or in the wrong place. So, while I was there I made a point to look at all of the flavors. I found Edy’s pints (again!!!), so I felt compelled to buy one. Though, like at 711, it only came in Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate. Unlike 711, the pint was labeled as costing mere $2.29 (at 711 it was $4.29). Better yet, it rang up at the register as $1.97—not a sale price.

I haven’t had plain chocolate ice cream in awhile, and forgot how much I enjoy it. The flavor of Edy’s Grand chocolate was excellent. The texture, however, was lacking. It was a little grainy and far too light and airy for my liking. It doesn’t really fill you up or satisfy a real ice cream craving the way Haagen Dazs or a homemade variety would. But, I did really enjoy the flavor.

As a final note, I’ve realized that I like ice cream so much it’s hard for me to give any of it a bad review, and thus, my ratings may have become a little inflated recently. So, beginning today, I am going to try to hold the standard a little higher…

  • Flavor: 4.5
  • Flavor Intensity: 4
  • Texture: 3
  • Originality: 1
  • Overall: 4
  • Cost: $1.97 at Whole Foods

Edy's Grand Chocolate


Scoop 53: Ciao Bella Green Tea with White Chocolate

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on July 18, 2006

If you like your green tea “green” then you will like this ice cream. If you like to add lots of sugar to your tea (like me) then you may hate this ice cream. This ice cream tastes like green tea. It’s that simple. It doesn’t taste sugary and is incredibly strong in flavor. I had no more than 3 bites of this ice cream (and the last two were from me looking for the white chocolate). In my opinion the white chocolate chunks were the only good part of this gelato. But, as I said before, this Ciao Bella Green Tea gelato does have potential, if you like strong, pure, green tea.

  • Flavor: 1
  • Flavor Intensity: 5
  • Texture: 4
  • Originality: 4
  • Overall: 2
  • Cost: $3.99 at Whole Foods

Ciao Bella Green Tea with White Chocolate


Scoop 9: Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Review

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on June 4, 2006

There nothing like returning home from a long vacation and enjoying comfort foods.  Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is one of my comfort foods.  I usually get the frozen yogurt because I enjoy the softer texture (and it has fewer calories), but I figured that since today still counts as vacation I would splurge and go for the real thing.  I’m not usually a fan of cherry flavored things, But Cherry Garcia doesn’t taste artificial.  And the bits of chocolate in it are so good.  I’m glad they use high quality chocolate.  What it comes down to is simply: I love Cherry Garcia and it really hit the spot tonight.

  • Flavor: 5
  • Flavor Intensity: 4
  • Texture: 5
  • Originality: 4
  • Overall: 5
  • Cost: 3.99 at Whole Foods

Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia