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Win MiniDove Bars (First 10 commenters win!)

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on July 12, 2010

Last month, DOVEBAR® Ice Cream Miniatures launched the “My Mini Moments” contest, asking people to submit their ideal mini moment. They selected 10 finalists vying for a chance to win the ultimate mini moment – a mini-getaway to Napa Valley, spa services for a year, or a mini home makeover, and now they’re looking for votes to see who wins! Now through TOMORROW July 13, you have the chance to read all 10 entries at and vote for who you think is most deserving of a much-needed moment of escape.

Go vote, and then leave a comment back here with who you voted for or share your own mini momentThe first 10 commenters will win a coupon for a free box of Dove miniatures.

Here are the finalists for the Dove Mini Moment contest (that you can vote for):

  • Lauren Levy (New York City) – Running, in the zone, with just “me, myself and I…”
  • Mike Vos (Buckley, WA) – Finding secret notes from his daughter…
  • Borden McGahee (Columbus, GA) – Spending a day in their private railroad car that’s currently under renovation, getting ready to travel the country behind Amtrak and relive the heyday of the railroads…
  • Kim Morris (Meriden, CT) – Going to her sewing room and letting the fabric and her imagination take her away…using colors and shapes to celebrate milestones and brighten other people’s days…
  • Ankur Jain (Olathe, KS) – escaping to the local nature center to appreciate and respect nature…
  • Seph Anderson (Oxford, MS) – getting home at night and on the weekends to spend time with his daughter and Jack Russell Terrier…
  • Lisa Roberts (Lexington, KY) – escaping to my kids playground for a half hour each day to read a book and enjoy some Dove Miniatures and enjoy some quiet time while the kids are asleep…
  • Megan Capone (Dracut, MA) – escaping to a book store to roam the stacks, explore every nook and cranny, and sit down with a mocha and a stack of books and magazines to explore…
  • Eric Freeman (Springfield, MS) – escaping to the neighborhood pond to fly fish before dusk…
  • Beth Sheets (Las Vegas, NV) – a bubble bath, a good book, and some Dove Miniatures….

Don’t forget to leave a comment here to be entered to win!


Free Ice Cream Winners

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on July 29, 2008

The following lucky 10 commenters have won coupons for PhillySwirl Cupcakes as part of my National Ice Cream Month giveaway:

  • 11- jade
  • 5- ms jackie
  • 10- lessley
  • 4- s. phil
  • 12- izabela
  • 16- caroline
  • 3- charles
  • 8- Jeaneaen
  • 15- Arlene Descargar
  • 6- casie m

And the grand prize winner (who actually gets the Ice Cream cupcakes shipped to her home) is commenter #9: Rebecca!

Congratulations everyone! And thaks to PhillysSwirl for their generosity.

Winners should have received an email from me by now asking for the address to ship to; if not please contact me.


Win Free Ice Cream through July 28th

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on July 14, 2008

In celebration of National Ice Cream Month in the United States (every July); PhillySwirl is sponsoring an A Daily Scoop Ice Cream Contest.

The grand-prize winner will get a box of PhillySwirl ice cream cupcakes shipped right to his/her door. And 10 runner ups will get a coupon for a free-box of cupcakes.

How do you win?

  1. Leave a comment below with your favorite ice cream flavor
  2. Make sure you include your email address in the comment form (will not be shown) so that I can contact the winners
  3. On July 29th I’ll use a random number generator to choose 1 grand-prize winners and 10 runner-ups

Here are the 2 simple rules:

  1. One entry per person
  2. Must live in the US (due to shipping restrictions)



31 Cent Scoop Night April 30th at Baskin Robbins

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on April 29, 2008

Tomorrow, April 30, 2008 is 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins.  Find your local Baskin Robbins ice cream store here.


Haagen Dazs Free Scoop Day (of new flavors)/ New Flavor Day

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on May 14, 2007

Haagen Dazs is having a free scoop day tomorrow, May 15 of two of their new flavors.  Find a shop near you. Unfortunately, there’s not one close to me so I won’t be making it out.

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31 Cent Scoop Day at Baskin Robbins on May 2

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on April 19, 2007

I hope that everyone enjoyed their free ice cream cone at Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day.

Following in their footsteps, Baskin Robbins is having a 31 cent scoop night on May 2, 2007. It’s in honor of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Mark your calendars!


Coming Monday: Best and Worst Ice Creams of 2006

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on February 3, 2007

Check back on Monday.  I have compiled a best and worst list of ice creams in 2006.


Gift Ideas for the Ice Cream Lover: Ice Cream Scoops

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on November 28, 2006

The holidays are coming. So, I decided to start of list of great presents for ice cream lovers. I’ve got a couple of ideas that I’ll present over the next few weeks. Today I’ll go with the best stocking stuffer: An ice cream scoop. Ice cream scoops are one of those things that everyone has, but most people don’t have the best one. Well, I do. I absolutely love my Oxo Ice Cream Spade. See, ice cream Spades are superior to scoops because you can get so much more ice cream out of the container. It’s wonderful. And I like Oxo because their handles are extra comfy. And I like their red logo. But, I digress. I honestly think that my Oxo Ice Cream Spade is the best scoop out there and that you won’t find a better stocking stuffer. But, if you don’t like the spade, you should check out a few other ice cream scoops that Real Simple rated:

The Original Zeroll $16

Zeroll’s aluminum scooper, a stalwart that’s been around since 1935, earned a thumbs-up for its effortless rolling motion, which yielded nearly flawless spheres every time. The thick handle is filled with a defrosting fluid that warms on contact with a bare hand, in turn heating the scoop. This, combined with the extra-deep bowl’s beveled edge, makes carving into a carton a cinch. Hand wash.

Best Added-Feature Ice Cream Scoop:
Oxo Good Grips Lever Scoop, $8

Testers tried scoops with a quick-release lever built into the handle (unwieldy for lefties and kids), a windshield wiper–like sweeper built into the bowl (often clogged by chunky ice cream), and a squeeze-operated lever (hard to manage one-handed). This Oxo model beat them all hands down. The soft rubberized handle prevents slips when you’re dealing with hard ice cream (or when your fingers are slick with drippy meltdown), and the clever pop-up lever pushes the scoop right out of the bowl like a catapult: Scoop, pop, and serve. Next! Dishwasher-safe.

Best Mini-Scoop Ice Cream Scoop:
Stainless-Steel Mini Ambidextrous Scoop, $10

Mini scoops are perfect for gelato and sorbet, whose concentrated flavors satisfy cravings with smaller portions. This winning version has a thin metal blade that sweeps inside the bowl when the handle is pressed, unsticking the gelato and delivering a diminutive 1 1/2-inch-diameter globe every time. (With larger models, this type of mechanism often jammed. But here the combination of a smaller bowl and a spring-loaded, full-hand grip overpowered any potential clogs and sticks.) It carves a mean melon ball, too. Dishwasher-safe.”


Ice Cream Reviews

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on November 15, 2006

Some people have asked why I write ice cream reviews. There are two main reasons for my writing ice cream reviews. First, I love ice cream. Second, I want others to be able to make good decisions about their ice cream. There are so many ice cream flavors available that sometimes it’s hard to choose. (Well, I personally think it’s always hard to choose just one flavor of ice cream). When I can’t make a decision about something I read reviews. I go online and look for reviews about any sort of big purchase I’m making. I read Consumer Reports; and in DC we have Consumer Checkbook which has reviews for services like drying cleaning, insurance, car maintenance centers, and doctors. (I definitely want good reviews for a doctor). Anyway, I like reviews. And that’s why I decided to make a website about ice cream reviews. Ice cream is truly a part of American culture. And so is criticism. So, I’ll keep dishing up those ice cream reviews!

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Taste Test: Breyers Natural Vanilla Bean with and without Tara Gum

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on October 16, 2006

Now that the tara gum and other additive controversy has taken hold, I have made a point to check labels when at the supermarket. Not long ago I was at Whole Foods and noticed that their Breyers Natural Vanilla didn’t have tara gum in it. I immediately purchased it. At home I compared it to the Breyers Natural Vanilla I already had in my freezer (with tara gum). The containers look virtually identical (though not quite). However, the expiration date on the more recently purchased ice cream (without tara gum) was 6 months earlier than the date for the container with tara gum. This lead me to conclude that either a) the ice cream I had gotten without tara gum was made before the ice cream with tara gum and had just been distributed later b) the ice cream without tara gum goes bad more quickly than that without and/or c) Whole Foods can still get the ice cream without the tara gum. Quite frankly, I have no idea what the answer is. I can, however, tell you the difference in taste as I tasted them side by side (in a blind taste test so I didn’t initially know which was which).

Breyers with tara gum tastes different than that without. No question. It is creamier, but not it a good way. It has an artificial texture to it. You know when you’re eating the inside of an Oreo or Twinkie and you just know it isn’t natural, it’s got a lard-ish texture, creamy, but in a sticky way. That’s what it feels like– a little sticky. It also tastes slightly less intensely vanilla. I’m not sure if that is because of the tara gum or a new freezing method. Breyers Natural Vanilla with tara gum doesn’t taste like Breyers Natural Vanilla anymore. It reminds me more of the yellow-colored artificial vanilla ice creams. It’s not nearly as bad as those, but it’s not very good. Unilever needs to bring back Breyers Natural Vanilla Bean without tara gum.

From now on I am going to start buying Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean. I don’t know how extensive their distribution is in DC I have only found it at Shoppers. But, it doesn’t have tara gum and tastes much better than the new Breyers. Actually, my top choice for vanilla would be Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean. Unfortunately, that has too many calories for a daily scoop. What other gum-free vanilla ice cream brands have you found that you would recommend?

The ice cream container on top contains tara gum, the one pictured below it does not.

Two Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream Review Breyers Ice Cream with Tara GumBreyers Ice Cream without tara gum


My Apologies

October 13, 2006

First off, thank you to those who have encouraged me to keep posting, even if it is less frequently. With grad school starting, I really have been extremely busy. And, ice cream is expensive. And I have class at night when I’d usually post. And, well, I’ll stop with the excuses. Ultimately though, I did […]

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Breyers Natural Ice Cream and Tara Gum: Unilever’s Response

September 11, 2006

Remember cute Breyers commercials where the little boy reads the back of a non-Breyers ice cream container and can’t pronounce the artificial ingredients? Then he picks up a container of Breyers and can pronounce all of the ingredients because there are only four well-known natural ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, natural flavors. Well, now there is […]

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Breyers Ice Cream and Tara Gum

September 8, 2006

For those of you who have been waiting for my report on the Tara Gum now found in Breyers Ice Cream, I will be posting Breyers’ response on Monday.  It will be the first in a 4 or 5 part series discussing the issue.  Following the first part, I will examine other brands’ ingredients and […]

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News: Send a Popsicle Stick and Nestle Donates 25 cents to City of Hope Cancer Center

July 10, 2006

A recent email I got from the Nestlé email list: Hello Ice Cream Lovers! Nestlé is inviting you to help raise money to fight cancer in a way that really sticks out. The Sticks of Hope program invites anyone who loves ice cream – be it on a stick, in a bowl or straight out […]

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