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Shop: National Ice Cream Shop Chain

Scoop 16: Wendy’s Frosty- Wendy’s Resturant, VA

June 11, 2006

I promise after today I will start eating more “real” ice cream. There have been too many ice cream bars and other non-ice cream ice creams for my liking. This site is about ranking real ice cream. Not ice cream bars or Wendy’s Frosties (is that the plural of “Frosty”? I don’t know). So, I [...]

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Scoop 15: Delicious Dirt (Chocolate Ice Cream with Oreos) at Cold Stone Creamery, Ricmond, VA

June 10, 2006

Today’s issue of USA Today (which is, of course, the only “newspaper” my hotel carries) features an article in the Money section about the rapid expansion of Cold Stone Creamery. According to the article “Cold Stone doesn’t just sell sundaes and sorbet, it sells sizzle.” I kept the article for future reference for the day [...]

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Scoop 1: Butter Pecan at Edy’s (DCA) Review

May 27, 2006

Sitting here in the Ronald Reagan Airport I just finished my first official ice cream taste test.  Up for review is Edy’s Butter Pecan.  The flavor is a little caramely and it has a fair number of pecans.  On purpose or not, the ice cream was a little melted and therefore soft, but not too [...]

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