Best Ice Cream Spoons and Spoon Straws for Malts

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on November 2, 2011

Finding the best ice cream spoons and spoon straws to enjoy malts with can offer a challenge. Since malts can be very thick, it is important to choose a straw that is able to provide enough width to allow you to suck in the fun flavors you enjoy. It is also a good idea to invest in straws that have the spoon portion on the bottom. These make it easy to enjoy your malt the way you want to – through a straw or with a spoon. Keep in mind you can use these straws for anything you would like, which makes them an affordable option. Use them for smoothies, especially when you are using chucks of fruit. Use them with thicker ice cream shakes, too.

Choosing a the Best Spoon and Spoon Straw

Spoon StrawsThere are disposable versions of ice cream spoons and spoon straws on the market, but it may be a better option for you to consider metal varieties. You can wash these repeatedly and really get your money’s worth out of them. In addition, for thicker shakes and malts you need something with more stability than a flimsy straw.

The following are some of the best ice cream spoons and spoon straws, as rated by reviewers. Consider all of your options when buying.

Global Decor

Global Decor offers the 1639 18/10 S/S Combination Straw-Spoons Beverage Set. It comes with four straw spoons. These are stainless steel so they are easy to clean and maintain. They are stylish and cute enough for any party, but they are also easy enough simply to toss into the dishwasher, too.

Danesco Stainless Steel Spoon Straw Set

Another spoon straw set is this one from Danesco, which provides you with four items. It is also stainless steel and consumers like that it is hard to break these. You can drop them, wash them in the dishwasher and even use them for years without any problems. These are 7 ¾ inches in length.

WMF Manaos (Spoon only)

Maybe you do not want the straw aspect of the spoon. If you want just a great ice cream spoon, perfect for those tall malt glasses, choose the WMF Manaos Bistro Ice Cream Spoon. It comes in a set of four. These are perfect for those hosting a party. They are 18/10 stainless steel spoons that have a high polish finish. The necks are slender and the handles do flare out, which allows them easy access into a tall glass. These are also dishwasher safe and durable.

Finding the best ice cream spoons and spoon straws is critical. You need, after all, a great looking spoon that is fun to use. On the other hand, you likely want something that is easy to clean (some varieties of stainless steel straws do come with a cleaning kit or you can buy one separately) The good news is that you have plenty of quality products on the market. Now, you can enjoy your malt with ease and with a bit of fun added to it.

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