Best Ice Cream Spades

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on October 12, 2011

What makes for the best ice cream spades? As you consider the numerous options on the market, chances are good you will find a number of different styles available. Some are going to provide you with a better overall result than others, though. You may not think twice about buying an ice cream spade, but if you invest a few extra minutes into some of the best models out there, you will have a spade that will last you for years and always produce the same, fantastic ice cream that’s right for you.

What Makes for a Great Spade?

There are a few things to look for. Choose one that fits your needs, but offers these features, if possible.

  • Some have anti freeze chemicals in them. This ensures the spade can easily cut through even frozen ice cream.
  • Look for those with an ergonomic handle, or at least a handle that is comfortable to hold.
  • Choose a durable model, which will help to ensure that the spade does not break when you are dealing with very hard ice cream.

When it comes to finding the best ice cream spades, a few stand above the rest. Look at the following options, which are rated as being the best available by customer reviews.

Ice Cream SpadeNorpro 682 Anti Freeze Ice Cream Spade

This spade measures more than 8.5 inches in length and is made of aluminum alloy. This durable material ensures that this spade won’t break as you use it to mix ice cream. You will need to wash it by hand due to the defrosting fluid contained within it, but this one will not tire out your wrist as you use it. It’s $5 with free shipping on Amazon.

Zeroll Original TubMate Aluminum Ice Cream Spade

With its flatter top than the Norpro, this spade is ideal for those larger tubs of ice cream. It is a one piece design which also helps to ensure it will not break. It has a head conductive fluid within it to ensure it works well and to improve your ease of use. You can use it in both the right or the left hand with ease, too. It does require hand washing, though. It’s $20 on Amazon with free shipping.  This is the one I would buy, if buying a new spade today.

Farberware Professional Soft Handle Ice Cream Spade

As the name implies, this version is a good commercial quality spade. It is inexpensive and easy to use. It does have a durable head to it, which will help to cut into very frozen ice cream, and the handle has a comfort grip to it. This model does not have any chemicals within it, which makes it a dishwasher safe model to use. It is durable and will last for regular use, too. It’s $19 on Amazon with free shipping.

As you consider the best ice cream spades, remember, the more you use it, the more you need a quality product. Any of these are top rated models from customer reviews and that means that you can have fun scooping and mixing ice cream knowing these spades can do the job for you.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – which means that if you buy something after clicking on the link, I earn a small percentage.  It doesn’t hurt you or cost you more, but it helps me to continue to provide excellent reviews.

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