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by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on October 6, 2011

An ice cream scoop is not just an ice cream scoop. For those who love these, or just have to have a specific style, it is necessary to have the best available. The good news is that there are numerous products on the market, many of which provide an outstanding assortment of styles perfect for just about any occasion. The ones listed here are the best ice cream scoops and reviews back this up.

Norpro Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop

One of the best ice cream scoops on the market is the Norpro Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop. Consumers like the low price and the large, seven-inch size. They also like that the ice cream just slides right off the surface. Moreover, it has a defrosting fluid sealed in the handle, which makes scooping ice cream very easy to do. And it costs just about $5 at amazon.

Zyliss Metal Ice Cream Scoop

Another top-notch choice is the Zylis 71372 Metal Ice Cream Scoop that comes with an ergonomic plastic handle. There are several reasons why you should love this one. First, it has a sturdy metal blade at the top that is sharp and has sculpted edges. This allows you to cut into even very frozen ice cream easily. In addition, the unique design of the handle actually helps to make it easy to use. There are no chemicals or anti-freeze agents in it, and you can even toss it into the dishwasher to use. You can use this for right or left handed needs. It costs about $8-$12 on amazon (depending on the color)


Zeroll Original Scoop

Perhaps one of the best original style models on the market is the Zeroll Original 2 Ounce Zeroll Aluminum Scoop. It has the type of ice cream scooping ability you would expect from a ice cream shop. It has a high luster aluminum scoop that fits into your right or your left hand easily. It is not okay to put it into the dishwasher, though. The ice cream will roll up perfectly into this scoop and will sit nicely on a cone. Because of the cooling agent within it, you need to wash it with care and you need to ensure it does not come in contact with hot water. However, those who like this model say they have been using it for more than ten years with success. It costs $15 on amazon.

Wilton Copco Ice Cream Scoop

Another option to consider is the Wilton Copco Ice Cream Scoop. This stainless steel model is easy to use. It has a longer scoop shape which helps to cut through the frozen ice cream even more effectively than other brands. It is easy to clean up, too. The handle is an ergonomic handle with a soft grip to it. This one you can put into the dishwasher safely. The Copco Ice Cream Scoop costs $10 on Amazon.

For those who want the best ice cream scoop and reviews to back it up, the previously mentioned four products are the best out there. These could provide you with the best way to scoop up ice cream for any cone or dish you plan to create.


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