Best Cream Chargers and Whippers

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on October 19, 2011

What makes an ice cream sundae without whipped cream? Some of the best cream charges and whippers are those that are easy to use, reliable and provide the fluffy cream texture you are after. These are not necessarily new devices – as culinary artists have used these types of tools for years to create rich cream that is ideally fluffy to please the eyes and to please the pallet. However, there are a number of new products on the market. With more choices, you may become a bit overwhelmed trying to choose one that is better than the others.

The following are some of the best cream charges and whippers. This is based on the reviews consumers who bought them and used them wrote.

iSi N20 Cream Chargers

This product has been rated highly for many reasons (you can purchase them in the size pack that is right for your needs.) You can use these chargers with any of the iSi cream whippers. Moreover, since iSi is considered one of the best manufacturers of compressed gas products, you can count on the quality. Consumers like that this product produces a light whipped cream, perfect for both sauces and desserts. In addition, it is easy to store these charges since they are small.

Mosa Whipped Cream Dispenser

As for a dispenser, the consumers like this one. It makes great tasting whipped cream and it is easy to use. They also like that it is durable and it has the ability to work with most standard screw valve types of whipped cream chargers. This makes it easy enough to use and very versatile. It works quickly and is able to produce a good consistency even for regular use. 

iSi Easy Whip

For those looking for a whipper, the iSi Easy Whip is one of people’s favorites available. It can hold cream up to 10 days whipped and ready for you to apply (and how often does cream really last that long anyway!) It gives you a lot of control in your hand so you can create fun patterns and styles. It can also offer the consistency you want. Consumers like that it is very easy to use and that they can virtually fill it and forget about it, knowing that it is ready to go when they need it.

Whip – It Brand

Whip it ChargerThe Original Whipped Cream Chargers – Another top rated charger is this brand. It works with virtually all brands of cream whippers on the market. It comes with medical grade N20 in the charger to ensure you get the highest quality results. People like it because it is environmentally friendly, easy to use and comes in stainless steel.  If you’re looking for a professional grade Whipper this is it.

For those looking for the best cream chargers and whippers, these products are perhaps the best out there. It is a good idea to ensure that any charger you buy fits with the whipper you own, unless the product is versatile.

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