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January 2011

BPA Free Popsicle Molds

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on January 23, 2011

I strongly believe in wasting less and eating healthier – these Popsicle molds by Tovolo do both!

I received a set of the “Groovy Pop Molds” , BPA Free popsicle Molds, last summer and they are awesome. They are easy to freeze and all you have to do is pour juice or an ice cream or yogurt mixture in the mold and freeze for several hours (usually about 4) and then you have amazing homemade Popsicles.

Each Popsicle has it’s own individual container made of foodsafe bpa free plastic. They are dishwasher safe. Plus the handle has an extra large grip so that it prevents melting Popsicle from dripping down onto your fingers. Each tray holds six so you’ll have plenty for all of the neighborhood kids too.

I really like this because they are bpa free popsicle molds and thus terrible chemicals won’t leach into your child’s ice cream. And you can make your homemade flavors so they are healthier and not filled with the nasty chemicals that some popsicles have in them.

I got the groovy shape, but they also come in:

If you are looking for BPA Free popsicle molds then look no further than these. They are less than $10, an amount you will save after making them just two times. And again, you won’t have toxins leaching into your food.