Sonic Mint Holiday Shake and $20 Gift Card Giveaway

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on December 11, 2012

Sonic is sponsoring a $20 gift card giveaway for A Daily Scoop readers. All you have to do to be entered to win is leave a comment on this post with your favorite holiday flavored ice cream. (US Residents only please. Winner will be chosen by random number generator. Void where prohibited.)

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the various limited time flavors. Specifically, peppermint. In the South, Blue Bell has a special peppermint ice cream. Starbucks has peppermint coffee.

And Sonic has a special Holiday Shake.

What’s in Sonic’s Mint Holiday Shake?

Chopped up red and green holiday mints!  They give a nice color, great flavor, and excellent texture. And Sonic uses real chocolate ice cream (unlike many fast food restaurants).

My only complaint is that there isn’t real whipped cream (but if you’re a purist you can request they leave the whipped topping off.)

The Sonic Mint Holiday Shake is available for a limited time only – so if you’re in the mood for a festive holiday ice cream – check out your nearest Sonic today.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to be entered to win a $20 Sonic Gift Card. (That will buy a lot of shakes!)

Full disclosure: Sonic provided me a giftcard to try out the shake.


Ice Cream along the North Shore: Sydney’s in Grand Marais, MN

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on September 12, 2012

If you’ve ever been to the North Shore – that is along Lake Superior in Minnesota – you know that ice cream is a must. Unfortunately, the ice cream production is found to be a little lacking. Duluth has no homemade ice cream shops. (I’m not sure what brand the Portland Malt Shop uses in Duluth, but at $6.50 a malt it should be more gourmet than it is.)

Thankfully, on a recent trip up north I discovered Sydney’s Custard in Grand Marais. All I can say is that I had more ice cream than I should have in a 2 day period. All of their custard combinations are fantastic.

I tried the Almond Joy, Rachel’s (heath and raspberry), Turtle sundae, and regular dutch chocolate. (Don’t worry, I didn’t eat all of these by myself.)

If you happen to be in Grand Marais do yourself a favor and spend some time at Sydney’s. They also have excellent wood fire pizzas (Margarita and the Apple Gorgonzola were both terrific.)

Needless to say, I declare Sydney’s to be the best ice cream in northern Minnesota. It will definitely be included in all my future travel itineraries.


New Ice Cream this Summer: Magnum Minis and Mounds Ice Cream

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on September 5, 2012

This summer has seen a surge in ice cream flavors in the US – specifically from Unilever.  Here’s what’s new:

  • MAGNUM, the world’s most luxurious ice cream bar, has introduced the Mini line of petite treats in Classic and Almond.  MAGNUM has also added two new varieties to its traditional-sized bars, which include Mint and Mochaccino.
  • Breyers Blasts!, the line known for featuring fun mix-ins from the most loved candy and cookie brands has also added four new flavors including Chocolate REESE’S, Golden OREO, Cookies & Cream, OREO Birthday Blast! and Klondike Krunch. Banana Split and S’mores flavors are also available nationwide.
  • Klondike is taking their famous Original Choco Taco to the next level as they have introduces the  Chocolate and Peanut Butter varieties, as well as the new Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Good Humor has added to their classic candy treats after last year’s successful introduction of REESE’S Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cup.  They now offer Mounds and York Ice Cream Bars.
  • As you may have heard, Popsicle introduced a new line: Yosicle, which combines ice pops with combining ice pops and the smoothness of yogurt. Popsicle also partnered with SOUR PATCH KIDS to introduce fruity, candy-inspired pops that replicate the sour then sweet taste of the classic candy.

I received some coupons to sample some flavors and here are my thoughts.

1. Magnum Ice Cream Minis: These are spectacular. One of my favorite desserts has always been Dove Minis and while the Magnums are a little larger (and more caloric) they are still excellent. I highly recommend these. I would even get a box of Minis over a standard size as it will last longer since there are 6 in a pack instead of 3.

2. Mounds Ice Cream Bars: The new Mounds bars are good, though not as good as the Magnum minis. If you like non-ice cream Mounds bars, you’ll find that the ice crea Mounds quite aren’t as richly coconut as the non-ice cream bars. But they are still good for a dessert.

I’m also looking forward to trying the Peanut Butter Chaco Taco before the warm weather disappears!


SONIC Summer Solstice and Half Price Shakes

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on June 19, 2012


Tomorrow is June 20, the northern hemisphere’s summer solstice and the longest day of the year. If you’re an ice cream lover, the best way to celebrate so much sunlight is by eating ice cream – perhaps multiple times a day!  Thankfully, SONIC is offering their real ice cream shakes for 1/2 price all day long on Wednesday June 20 in celebration of the Solstice.

And, if you can’t make it tomorrow, don’t fret. SONIC is also offering their real ice cream shakes for half price all summer long.  Here are the details:

Between 8pm and midnight for all summer head to your local SONIC and get an ice cream shake for 50% off. Their shakes are hand mixed with with real ice cream and blended with your favorite ingredients like chocolate, strawberry or banana.

What’s your favorite kind of SONIC shake? 


Best Ice Cream Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on November 15, 2011

While you may not be thinking about ice cream as the winter approaches, if you’re a true ice cream lover, or if you know a diehard ice cream fan – then you know that the holiday season is the best time of year to get ice cream gifts.

So what should you buy for that ice cream lover on your list?  Here are my top choices.

1. A Professional Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Lovers everywhere would love it if their loved ones would buy them this BMW-model of ice cream makers. Yes, it’s nearly $700, but it’s the best automatic freezing ice cream maker – professional style you can buy.

2. An Automatic Freezing Ice Cream Maker

Ok, so you may not be able to afford the top ice cream maker, but the Lello Automatic Ice Cream Maker is pretty darn good for $200.

3. Regular Ice Cream Maker with freezable bowls

These ice cream makers require that you pre-freeze the bowls (meaning you have to have 24 hours advanced notice to make ice cream.) For the better model get this Cuisinart for around $40. For a bargain, the Hamilton Beach soft serve ice cream maker works well for $25.

image4. Ice Cream Container

This cute little ice cream container holds homemade ice cream and allows you to transport it more easily without freezing. 

5. Zoku Quick Pop Popsicle Maker

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is a great choice.

6. An awesome ice cream scoop, spoon, spade or set of bowls

We recently compiled the top ice cream scoops, best ice cream spoons and spoon straws, cutest ice cream bowls, best cream chargers and whippers, and best ice cream spades. Any of these would make a great gift.

Enjoy the holiday season!  Let me know if you want any help customizing a gift for the ice cream lover in your family…


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – which means that if you buy something after clicking on the link, I earn a small percentage. It doesn’t hurt you or cost you more, but it helps me to continue to provide excellent reviews.


Best Ice Cream Spoons and Spoon Straws for Malts

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on November 2, 2011

Finding the best ice cream spoons and spoon straws to enjoy malts with can offer a challenge. Since malts can be very thick, it is important to choose a straw that is able to provide enough width to allow you to suck in the fun flavors you enjoy. It is also a good idea to invest in straws that have the spoon portion on the bottom. These make it easy to enjoy your malt the way you want to – through a straw or with a spoon. Keep in mind you can use these straws for anything you would like, which makes them an affordable option. Use them for smoothies, especially when you are using chucks of fruit. Use them with thicker ice cream shakes, too.

Choosing a the Best Spoon and Spoon Straw

Spoon StrawsThere are disposable versions of ice cream spoons and spoon straws on the market, but it may be a better option for you to consider metal varieties. You can wash these repeatedly and really get your money’s worth out of them. In addition, for thicker shakes and malts you need something with more stability than a flimsy straw.

The following are some of the best ice cream spoons and spoon straws, as rated by reviewers. Consider all of your options when buying.

Global Decor

Global Decor offers the 1639 18/10 S/S Combination Straw-Spoons Beverage Set. It comes with four straw spoons. These are stainless steel so they are easy to clean and maintain. They are stylish and cute enough for any party, but they are also easy enough simply to toss into the dishwasher, too.

Danesco Stainless Steel Spoon Straw Set

Another spoon straw set is this one from Danesco, which provides you with four items. It is also stainless steel and consumers like that it is hard to break these. You can drop them, wash them in the dishwasher and even use them for years without any problems. These are 7 ¾ inches in length.

WMF Manaos (Spoon only)

Maybe you do not want the straw aspect of the spoon. If you want just a great ice cream spoon, perfect for those tall malt glasses, choose the WMF Manaos Bistro Ice Cream Spoon. It comes in a set of four. These are perfect for those hosting a party. They are 18/10 stainless steel spoons that have a high polish finish. The necks are slender and the handles do flare out, which allows them easy access into a tall glass. These are also dishwasher safe and durable.

Finding the best ice cream spoons and spoon straws is critical. You need, after all, a great looking spoon that is fun to use. On the other hand, you likely want something that is easy to clean (some varieties of stainless steel straws do come with a cleaning kit or you can buy one separately) The good news is that you have plenty of quality products on the market. Now, you can enjoy your malt with ease and with a bit of fun added to it.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – which means that if you buy something after clicking on the link, I earn a small percentage. It doesn’t hurt you or cost you more, but it helps me to continue to provide excellent reviews.


Cutest Ice Cream Bowls

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on October 25, 2011

The cutest ice cream bowls are fun, easy to use and they add a bit of whimsical charm to any afternoon treat or desert. Ice cream is already fun to enjoy and when you put it into a fun bowl, it is even more of a special treat. The good news is that makers of various bowls and serving items are happy to help you to have the cutest and the most colorful of ice cream bowls on the market. The good news is that many of these are inexpensive options, too.

Best Ice Cream Bowls

For those who are looking for the cutest ice cream bowls available, there are numerous choices to consider. Look at the following suggestions, all of which are rated highly by customers who bought them and used them.

Colorful Bowls by Burton and Burton

 This set comes with four colorful, fun ice cream bowls along with spoons to match. The base of the bowl looks like a cone, with the unique brown coloring and pattern. The handles of the spoons have the same look. Then, within the bowls, there is a bright color. With bright purples, pinks, greens and blues, this makes for a very festive look for any party. The bowls are hand painted and are made of ceramic.


DII Ice Cream Cone Dishes

When they mean these look like an ice cream cone, they mean it. With the shape of an ice cream cone, with a narrower bottom than top section, and with matching spoons, these dishes are a great choice. You get a set of four, brightly colored cone bowls along with matching spoons. These are a stoneware ceramic product and you can wash them in the dishwasher if you would like to.



Dancing Dots Ice Cream Bowls

Another fun option is the Dancing Dots Ice Cream Bowl and Sundae Set. Made by All U Can Handle, this set of four fun colored and patterned bowls plus a fifth bowl with a three way division in the center, perfect for serving sundae toppings. Each of the bowls has fun colors on them, along with unique circles and other shapes. These have a lot of character to them.


Grasslands Road Sweet Soiree Bowls

These are not as brightly colored, but they are cute bowls nonetheless. With a pattern of pastel colors running in circles around them, and with a fun saying along the top, they do get you in the mood for something sweet and tasty. These bowls come in a set of four, in a gift box. They have a high gloss finish and you can put them into the dishwasher for easy clean up. You can buy matching spoons, though these are sold separately.


Which are the cutest ice cream bowls out there? For those who are looking for something fun and exciting, any of these options will do. Look for those bowls that sound like they are a lot of fun to play with. You will love the color and patterns here, too.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – which means that if you buy something after clicking on the link, I earn a small percentage. It doesn’t hurt you or cost you more, but it helps me to continue to provide excellent reviews.


Best Cream Chargers and Whippers

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on October 19, 2011

What makes an ice cream sundae without whipped cream? Some of the best cream charges and whippers are those that are easy to use, reliable and provide the fluffy cream texture you are after. These are not necessarily new devices – as culinary artists have used these types of tools for years to create rich cream that is ideally fluffy to please the eyes and to please the pallet. However, there are a number of new products on the market. With more choices, you may become a bit overwhelmed trying to choose one that is better than the others.

The following are some of the best cream charges and whippers. This is based on the reviews consumers who bought them and used them wrote.

iSi N20 Cream Chargers

This product has been rated highly for many reasons (you can purchase them in the size pack that is right for your needs.) You can use these chargers with any of the iSi cream whippers. Moreover, since iSi is considered one of the best manufacturers of compressed gas products, you can count on the quality. Consumers like that this product produces a light whipped cream, perfect for both sauces and desserts. In addition, it is easy to store these charges since they are small.

Mosa Whipped Cream Dispenser

As for a dispenser, the consumers like this one. It makes great tasting whipped cream and it is easy to use. They also like that it is durable and it has the ability to work with most standard screw valve types of whipped cream chargers. This makes it easy enough to use and very versatile. It works quickly and is able to produce a good consistency even for regular use. 

iSi Easy Whip

For those looking for a whipper, the iSi Easy Whip is one of people’s favorites available. It can hold cream up to 10 days whipped and ready for you to apply (and how often does cream really last that long anyway!) It gives you a lot of control in your hand so you can create fun patterns and styles. It can also offer the consistency you want. Consumers like that it is very easy to use and that they can virtually fill it and forget about it, knowing that it is ready to go when they need it.

Whip – It Brand

Whip it ChargerThe Original Whipped Cream Chargers – Another top rated charger is this brand. It works with virtually all brands of cream whippers on the market. It comes with medical grade N20 in the charger to ensure you get the highest quality results. People like it because it is environmentally friendly, easy to use and comes in stainless steel.  If you’re looking for a professional grade Whipper this is it.

For those looking for the best cream chargers and whippers, these products are perhaps the best out there. It is a good idea to ensure that any charger you buy fits with the whipper you own, unless the product is versatile.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – which means that if you buy something after clicking on the link, I earn a small percentage. It doesn’t hurt you or cost you more, but it helps me to continue to provide excellent reviews.


Best Ice Cream Spades

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on October 12, 2011

What makes for the best ice cream spades? As you consider the numerous options on the market, chances are good you will find a number of different styles available. Some are going to provide you with a better overall result than others, though. You may not think twice about buying an ice cream spade, but if you invest a few extra minutes into some of the best models out there, you will have a spade that will last you for years and always produce the same, fantastic ice cream that’s right for you.

What Makes for a Great Spade?

There are a few things to look for. Choose one that fits your needs, but offers these features, if possible.

  • Some have anti freeze chemicals in them. This ensures the spade can easily cut through even frozen ice cream.
  • Look for those with an ergonomic handle, or at least a handle that is comfortable to hold.
  • Choose a durable model, which will help to ensure that the spade does not break when you are dealing with very hard ice cream.

When it comes to finding the best ice cream spades, a few stand above the rest. Look at the following options, which are rated as being the best available by customer reviews.

Ice Cream SpadeNorpro 682 Anti Freeze Ice Cream Spade

This spade measures more than 8.5 inches in length and is made of aluminum alloy. This durable material ensures that this spade won’t break as you use it to mix ice cream. You will need to wash it by hand due to the defrosting fluid contained within it, but this one will not tire out your wrist as you use it. It’s $5 with free shipping on Amazon.

Zeroll Original TubMate Aluminum Ice Cream Spade

With its flatter top than the Norpro, this spade is ideal for those larger tubs of ice cream. It is a one piece design which also helps to ensure it will not break. It has a head conductive fluid within it to ensure it works well and to improve your ease of use. You can use it in both the right or the left hand with ease, too. It does require hand washing, though. It’s $20 on Amazon with free shipping.  This is the one I would buy, if buying a new spade today.

Farberware Professional Soft Handle Ice Cream Spade

As the name implies, this version is a good commercial quality spade. It is inexpensive and easy to use. It does have a durable head to it, which will help to cut into very frozen ice cream, and the handle has a comfort grip to it. This model does not have any chemicals within it, which makes it a dishwasher safe model to use. It is durable and will last for regular use, too. It’s $19 on Amazon with free shipping.

As you consider the best ice cream spades, remember, the more you use it, the more you need a quality product. Any of these are top rated models from customer reviews and that means that you can have fun scooping and mixing ice cream knowing these spades can do the job for you.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – which means that if you buy something after clicking on the link, I earn a small percentage.  It doesn’t hurt you or cost you more, but it helps me to continue to provide excellent reviews.

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Best Ice Cream Scoops Reviews

by Ice Cream Maker Reviews on October 6, 2011

An ice cream scoop is not just an ice cream scoop. For those who love these, or just have to have a specific style, it is necessary to have the best available. The good news is that there are numerous products on the market, many of which provide an outstanding assortment of styles perfect for just about any occasion. The ones listed here are the best ice cream scoops and reviews back this up.

Norpro Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop

One of the best ice cream scoops on the market is the Norpro Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop. Consumers like the low price and the large, seven-inch size. They also like that the ice cream just slides right off the surface. Moreover, it has a defrosting fluid sealed in the handle, which makes scooping ice cream very easy to do. And it costs just about $5 at amazon.

Zyliss Metal Ice Cream Scoop

Another top-notch choice is the Zylis 71372 Metal Ice Cream Scoop that comes with an ergonomic plastic handle. There are several reasons why you should love this one. First, it has a sturdy metal blade at the top that is sharp and has sculpted edges. This allows you to cut into even very frozen ice cream easily. In addition, the unique design of the handle actually helps to make it easy to use. There are no chemicals or anti-freeze agents in it, and you can even toss it into the dishwasher to use. You can use this for right or left handed needs. It costs about $8-$12 on amazon (depending on the color)


Zeroll Original Scoop

Perhaps one of the best original style models on the market is the Zeroll Original 2 Ounce Zeroll Aluminum Scoop. It has the type of ice cream scooping ability you would expect from a ice cream shop. It has a high luster aluminum scoop that fits into your right or your left hand easily. It is not okay to put it into the dishwasher, though. The ice cream will roll up perfectly into this scoop and will sit nicely on a cone. Because of the cooling agent within it, you need to wash it with care and you need to ensure it does not come in contact with hot water. However, those who like this model say they have been using it for more than ten years with success. It costs $15 on amazon.

Wilton Copco Ice Cream Scoop

Another option to consider is the Wilton Copco Ice Cream Scoop. This stainless steel model is easy to use. It has a longer scoop shape which helps to cut through the frozen ice cream even more effectively than other brands. It is easy to clean up, too. The handle is an ergonomic handle with a soft grip to it. This one you can put into the dishwasher safely. The Copco Ice Cream Scoop costs $10 on Amazon.

For those who want the best ice cream scoop and reviews to back it up, the previously mentioned four products are the best out there. These could provide you with the best way to scoop up ice cream for any cone or dish you plan to create.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


Cherry Garcia: Bigger Cherries, Smaller Chocolates

October 4, 2011

Last week I ranted about the disappointing changes to Dove Miniature Ice Cream bars.  This week I’m upset about changes to another old staple – Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt. Yes, another of my long time favorite ice cream flavors is B&J’s Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt ever since my friend Jill introduced me […]

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Dove Mini Bars–A disappointing update

September 29, 2011

One of my favorite ice cream treats has always been Dove Miniature Ice Cream bars.   They have just enough ice cream to them to be a delicious treat (at only 70 calories). And the chocolate coating is perfect. It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased a box – but I had a craving for some and […]

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Zoku Quick Pop Maker and Popsicle Recipes

September 26, 2011

Who doesn’t like popsicles? With the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, you can make fun, flavorful popsicles whenever you want to. These ice pops are very versatile – you can create any combination of flavors right for your needs. This device is known for several things, including its ease of use. However, what makes it unique […]

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REESE’S Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups Review

August 15, 2011

New flavors of ice cream always appear in the height of summer.  This summer at my local ice cream shop I tried hot brown sugar. It’s brown sugar with a hint of Chile pepper. It was different, but good. In commercial offerings Breyers, Klondike, Popsicle, and Reeses brands have put out several  new flavors. They […]

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31 cent Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins: April 27th

April 12, 2011

31 Cent Scoop night is quickly approaching!  (Interesting that they email on Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day!) Before the details though – note the caveat – YOU ARE LIMITED TO 3 SCOOPS PER PERSON! I find this funny. Anyhow, on to the details: Join us for 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins® and help […]

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